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Why use seamless tubes for gas pipelines?

Why use seamless tubes for gas pipelines?
November 18, 2020

Why use seamless tubes for gas pipelines?
1) Safety issues of gas pipelines

Gas is a flammable and explosive energy source, and safety issues must be taken seriously during use. If the pipeline quality is not up to standard or there are safety hazards in the working environment, accidents can easily occur. Therefore, the material of gas pipelines must have high strength and good corrosion resistance to ensure the sealing and stability of the pipeline, thereby protecting the safety of users' lives and property.

2) Why do gas pipelines use seamless steel tubes?

1. Seamless tube has better pressure resistance
Compared with welded pipes, seamless steel tubes can withstand greater pressure because there are no welds on the inner wall of the pipe, thereby ensuring the stability and reliability of the pipeline.

2. Seamless tube has better corrosion resistance
Seamless tubes have a smooth surface, stable molding, and good corrosion resistance. However, welded steel pipes require the addition of welding materials during welding, which may cause various defects in the welding joint and make them susceptible to corrosion and other factors, causing problems such as pipeline leakage.

3. Seamless tube processing with high precision
During the production process of seamless tubes, due to the higher production pressure and temperature, a uniform, weld-free organizational structure can be formed inside the material, thereby greatly improving the production process and processing accuracy, and is more suitable for manufacturing high-quality steel tubes. Strength pipe.

To sum up, the use of seamless tubes in gas pipelines is to ensure the high strength, corrosion resistance and stability of the pipelines, thereby ensuring the safety of gas transmission.

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