seamless steel pipe design


seamless steel pipe design

  • Design Principle Of Seamless Steel Pipe Plant
    Oct 17, 2023
    1. Using the three-dimensional space simulation module, the three-dimensional coordinate system of the curved surface is established according to the relationship between the curved surface and the building axis provided by the original design drawings, and the three-dimensional structure diagram of the hyperbolic arc roof is drawn. Three dimensional structural drawing of arc roof.  2. According to the load calculation, the vertical pole spacing and horizontal pole step distance of steel pipe scaffold for roof construction are determined, and the steel pipe scaffold is simulated and positioned in the three-dimensional structure diagram. Pre positioning of steel pipe scaffold.  3. The intersection of the vertical pole of the steel pipe scaffold and the horizontal pole of the steel pipe scaffold is generated into a plane projection grid line on the hyperboloid. Generate the steel pipe grid projection line.  4. Calculate the elevation of the corresponding point on the spatial hyperboloid at each grid node in the horizontal projection plane coordinate system.  5. Record the three-dimensional coordinates, grid point spacing and other parameters of all intersections.  
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