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Sanitary valves in the production of what are the problems

Sanitary valves in the production of what are the problems
August 30, 2022

Sanitary valves are used in the production of some food, medical, cosmetics and other products that require a high level of hygiene, so the requirements for sanitary valves are also relatively high, if the valve problems in the production process is absolutely not allowed. Therefore, in the production must try to avoid these problems.

Sanitary valves in the processing of problems are:

First, in the handling or processing process of bumping, hammering and other human factors caused by scratches are very serious, making it more difficult to dispose of the appearance in the future processing, which is why the valve will still rust after disposal of the main reason.


Second, in the welding, because the weld shortcomings are more severe, so often use manual machinery for grinding disposal, the appearance of grinding marks will be uneven, affecting the appearance of the valve, or the weld for a certain amount of pickling and passivation, but also affects the appearance of the beautiful.


Third, for the processing of scratches and other issues, even if all the pickling passivation can not be scratches all wiped out, and also can not be scratched or welding spatter and adhere to the surface of the carbon steel or spatter and other impurities to remove, resulting in the presence of corrosive media and finally make the valve rust.


Fourth, pickling passivation paste for sanitary valve cleaning is not all-powerful, especially for the plasma cut or flame cut produced by the oxide skin is particularly difficult to remove.

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