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Processing Method Of Tee Pipe Fittings

Processing Method Of Tee Pipe Fittings
April 02, 2024

(1) Forging method, that is, the forging machine is used to stretch the end or part of the pipe to reduce the outer diameter. The commonly used forging machines are rotary type, connecting rod type and roller type;

(2) Stamping method, that is, expanding the pipe end to the required size and shape with a tapered core on the punch;

(3) The roller method, that is, the core is placed in the pipe, and the outer circumference is pushed by the roller for processing the round edge;

(4) Rolling method, generally without mandrel, is suitable for the inner circular edge of thick wall tubes.

(5) There are two main methods for bulge forming: one is to place rubber in the tube and compress it with a punch to make the tube bulge into shape; the other is hydraulic bulge forming. Fill the middle of the tube with liquid and drum the tube into the desired shape by liquid pressure.

In addition, another processing method is to use a mold to produce three-way pipe fittings. The mold includes an upper mold and a lower mold. The lower mold is provided with a processing cavity, and the upper mold is provided with a processing block matching the shape of the processing cavity. It is characterized in that the processing cavity is in a horizontal T-shape, the section of the processing cavity is semicircular except for the intersection of T-shapes, and the opening of the section is located on the upper surface of the lower mold, changing the way of processing three-way pipe fittings, Two semicircular tee pipe fittings are processed one by one, and then the openings of the two are welded, which increases the contact surface between the two and reduces the welding difficulty. Moreover, the semicircular tee pipe fittings are easy to place on the ground and will not swing, which further increases the processing stability and avoids the rolling condition when the traditional pipe fittings are opened.

It is worth noting that the processing methods of reducing tee pipe fittings are different, and professional processing devices (including metal bars, jacking devices, commutators, brackets, etc.) should be used. During the operation, the metal bar is heated, the jack and the metal bar are used to push out, the pipe wall material naturally turns out to form the blank of the reducing tee, and then the pipe section with a certain length and corresponding specification is welded on the blank of the reducing tee formed by pushing out to produce the final product. The special processing equipment used in the processing method of the reducing tee pipe fittings is simple in structure and low in cost. It does not need another injection molding machine and injection mold to manufacture the reducing tee pipe fittings, which can reduce the production cost of such pipe fittings and improve the production efficiency. Therefore, this processing method is suitable for processing the reducing tee pipe fittings on different specifications.

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