lined butterfly valve


lined butterfly valve

  • The Difference Between Lug And Flanged Butterfly Valves
    Apr 19, 2024
    The difference between lug and flanged butterfly valves lies in their mounting mechanisms and applications. Lug-type butterfly valves feature threaded inserts or lugs on either side for easy installation and removal in systems requiring frequent maintenance. On the other hand, flanged butterfly valves are secured to pipelines via flanges, offering a more robust connection suitable for high-pressure applications. Understanding these differences enables informed decision-making when selecting valves for specific industrial or commercial piping systems. What is the use of a lug-type butterfly valve? A lug-type butterfly valve is primarily used in applications where space and weight are limited, as it can be installed without using a full flange set. It is commonly employed in industries such as HVAC, water treatment, and chemical processing for regulating or isolating flow in pipelines. The lugs on the valve body enable easy installation and removal without disrupting the entire piping system. What is the main function of a flange butterfly valve? The main function of a flanged butterfly valve is to regulate or isolate the flow of fluids in pipelines by using a disc mounted on a rotating shaft. This disc rotates perpendicular to the flow direction, allowing for precise control over flow rates and providing efficient shut-off capabilities when fully closed. Flanged Butterfly Valve vs Lug-Type: Differences in Usage or Working Principles Flanged butterfly valves and lug-type butterfly valves are two common types used in industrial applications, each with distinct characteristics and applications. Flanged Butterfly Valve Flanged butterfly valves are designed with flanges on both sides, allowing them to be bolted directly to flanged pipes or equipment. They are typically used in applications where space permits and where a secure, leak-proof connection is required. Flanged butterfly valves are ideal for high-pressure applications due to their robust construction and ability to withstand substantial forces. Lug-Type Butterfly Valve Lug-type butterfly valves, on the other hand, feature lugs or ears on the valve body. These lugs allow the valve to be bolted between two flanges without the need for additional hardware. Lug-type butterfly valves are commonly used in applications where frequent disassembly and reassembly are required, as they can be easily installed or removed without disturbing the surrounding piping.
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